5 Aug 2021, 06:15 UTC
Introduction to Machine Learning on Microsoft Azure

Introduction to Machine Learning on Microsoft Azure

Training AI models is a task that requires a lot of data and a lot of computing resources, and thus it is best done in the cloud. While it is possible to use Virtual Machines to do the training, using specialized Machine Learning Service give you much more flexibility. In this workshop we will introduce Azure Machine Learning, our universal tool to train AI models in the cloud, targeted both at beginners and professionals.

During the session, we will do a practical exercise of using the cloud to train simple and not-so-simple machine learning models. We will start with using Automatic ML to train the model to predict survival on Titanic, and then move to more complex machine learning tasks such as hyperparameter optimization and scheduling series of experiments on the compute cluster. Finally, I will share case studies on how Azure Machine Learning can be used to generate artificial paintings using Generative Adversarial Networks, and how to train language question-answering model on COVID papers to answer COVID-related questions.

Dmitry Soshnikov
Cloud Developer Advocate, Microsoft

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