2-6 August 2021

AI Technology Summer School 2021 has ended

Thank you to all that participated, from speakers, hosts, attendees to sponsors. We will be back again next year so stay tuned for AITSS2022!

Congratuations to the winners of our following challenges!
AWS DeepRacer
In AWS DeepRacer, participants train, evaluate, and tune RL models in the online simulator to compete in the AITSS 2021 racetrack - a classic racetrack 17.6m long inspired by the Monza racetrack in Italy. Participants race to complete 3 consecutive laps, and the racer/model with the best lap time wins!
Kelvin Ng

Kong Weilong

Wong Zhi Hang


AI for Stock Forecasting Bootcamp
In 'Short-Horizon Prediction of Stock Prices', participants predict the stock price of selected companies, 15-minutes, 30-minutes, and 60-minutes into the future and compete with each other on sales from virtual trades with their stock prediction models.
SG Tigers

Matthew Lau
Raymong Harris
Gerald Heng
Partha Pratim Kundu
Ting Wee Zhen, Gaius

Best Poster Video Award
This award is given to the top poster video. Thank you to those who have participated and congratulations awardee!
Multi-task Semi-supervised Adversarial Autoencoding for Speech Emotion Recognition
Siddique Latif, Rajib Rana, Sara Khalifa, Raja Jurdak, Julien Epps, Björn Schuller
University of Southern Queensland, Australia

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